Staphylinidae · trumpasparniai

EN: rove beetles DE: Kurzflügler Suborder: Polyphaga Infraorder: Staphyliniformia Superfamily: Staphylinoidea Family: Staphylinidae The rove beetles are a large family of beetles, primarily distinguished by their short elytra that leave more than half of their abdomens exposed. The antennae are usually 11 segmented and filiform, with moderate clubbing in some genera. The abdomen may be very long and flexible. Rove beetles are known from every type of habitat that beetles occur in, and their diets include just about everything except the living tissues of higher plants. Most rove beetles are predators of insects and other kinds of invertebrates, living in forest leaf litter and similar kinds of decaying plant matter. They are also commonly found under stones, and around freshwater margins.